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Feels Like Cheating

November 30, 2008

It's Getting Better

It's Getting Better

In my last post I asked with regard to photogravure: “Are there any shortcuts that work?”.
I’m happy to report that there is a shortcut, and it’s called … (more…)

First Time Through

November 24, 2008

This will be a rather longish and heavily pictured post about my first experiences with the photogravure process. My son and I have been going through it once now from start to finish, the results being unimpressive but instructive.
One word of warning: if you’re an experienced printer and don’t like to see amateurish behaviour and cruel use of materials, stop reading now!
That being said, we’ll start quite harmless:

Halftone Film Positives

Halftone Film Positives

These were easily made from the medium format negative on 5×7 inch Adox halftone sheet film, developed in Tetenal Eukobrom.

The Moon And The Tools Of The Trade

November 14, 2008

The moon and the tools of the trade

The moon and the tools of the trade

What’s all this then?
A thread counter, a burnisher, a scraper and the moon reflected in a glass tabletop. Representing my anticipation of starting to work with photogravure this weekend. The printing press arrived on Monday, copper plates, tools, etching agent, printing colors, gelatin and various other materials came in from an artist’s supplier yesterday.
I know I’ll be messing around making gelatin paper, using dangerous chemicals to sensitize it, exposing a negative onto this gelatin resist, prepping the copper plate, transfering the gelatin resist to it, etching the plate through the resist, inking it up and printing it.
As easy as any darkroom procedure you could think of …
Probably not!
But still, I’m excited.

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