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Old Cameras – Old Pianos

May 20, 2010

Looking Through My Calumet C-1

Looking Through My Calumet C-1

What do old cameras and old pianos have in common? (more…)

Infrared On Pd-Pt

May 10, 2010



Definitely something I will try again. An image from my last infrared series on Pd-Pt. (more…)

Kind Of Podcasting

May 21, 2009

Some adminstrativa here, and an opportunity for me to make you aware of a new feature of this site. I’ve discovered Audioboo a while ago and have been uploading a few podcasty audio segments. Here are the two most recent ones:
One about a bad (?) habit of mine:
And one about my new lightweight approach to high resolution photography:
The newest Audioboos will always be linked to in the sidebar of this blog.

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On Strike

May 19, 2009

Grasses Overhanging A Rock, Thuringian Forest

Grasses Overhanging A Rock, Thuringian Forest

What does a doctor do when he is on strike? And not even on call? He switches off his cellphone and goes on a long hike. At least that’s what I did yesterday. (more…)


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