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Freakishly Good HDR, from a Phone!

September 2, 2010

My Desk at Night, iOS 4.1 in-camera HDR

My Desk at Night, iOS 4.1 in-camera HDR

Updated, more photo examples after the jump!

I’m mostly unimpressed with what was announced at yesterday’s Apple Music Event. Still prefer my 80 GB Clickwheel iPod, it’s a design classic now. Feeling no need to rent TV crap and get it streamed to an AppleTV. iTunes morphed into a textbook example of creeping featuritis with “Ping”. “Let’s graft a social network on it” seems to be the motto of this update. Can’t be good for stability. And I’m still a bit miffed that they overloaded the name of a network utility. Now even less people are going to understand you if you tell them “Wait, I’m going to ping your mailserver for you.”
The one improvement announced yesterday is the iOS 4.1 update. (more…)