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April 10, 2013

The front plastic panel is a bit shoddy, but it's running well. And LOUD!

The front plastic panel is a bit shoddy, but it’s running well. And LOUD!

Fished myself a server out of the ‘bay, an IBM eSeries xServer 345. Two dual-core Xeons 3.2, (more…)

Think Different!

May 25, 2012

Turning a Slogan on it's Head

Turning a Slogan on it’s Head

Just to set the record straight: I know this is wrong usage and the second word should be adverbial. „-ly“, you know. Apple (more…)

All Play And No Work …

June 3, 2010

… would make the iPad a rather dull computer. But I’m happy to report that I found a serious application for it. This week, I’m at the WOC 2010 in Berlin, the World Ophthalmic Conference. It started with a few computer hiccups on the side of the event managers and no one could register and print out their schedules and identity badges. Eventually, the hostesses gave up and let us in anyway.
Unfazed, the iPad served me well as a note taking device in the lectures. I used Pages to jot down interesting points in a bullet point list under a professional looking title and subtitle.
Back home in ground level ophthalmology, we often work through these conferences in our local MD’s circle. I suspect these notes won’t need much work to change them into a passable Keynote presentation. After each lecture, I emailed the resulting Pages document to my Gmail account, so it’s safe (?) in the cloud.
The lectures weren’t dull, either. Pictured below is Prof. U. Schiefer (at right) in a hands-on demonstration of perimetry parameters with some shanghaied colleagues.

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