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Delayed Gratification Machine

May 30, 2019

These cameras will make you wait.

Simulation And The Apple Watch

June 28, 2015

If Beaudrillard had Dick Tracy's watch...

If Beaudrillard had Dick Tracy’s watch…

Being the hopeless fanboy I am, it was an unavoidable purchase. (more…)

newton:~ chammann$: locate fancontrol

April 10, 2013

The front plastic panel is a bit shoddy, but it's running well. And LOUD!

The front plastic panel is a bit shoddy, but it’s running well. And LOUD!

Fished myself a server out of the ‘bay, an IBM eSeries xServer 345. Two dual-core Xeons 3.2, (more…)

Error Circle

May 16, 2012

A smurf tied up in the forest

A smurf tied up in the forest

Sometimes there are so many errors in an image that quality comes round again to being, dare I say, good? Example in case above. I had expired (more…)

Vit, mon ami!

August 13, 2011

Let”s see if I can make myself understood. This is one of these Leica mysthique blogposts that is shure to cause incomprehension in modern photographers in these digital times. And it’s not even about a Leica camera or one of their fabulous lenses.

It's about a manual film transport called Leicavit M.

It's about a manual film transport called Leicavit M.


GUIs, Cycle Touring and Photography

June 20, 2011

Wide-open Skies

Wide-open Skies

This is one of only three photos I took on a 98 km bicycle loop yesterday. (more…)

Get it Right the First Time

March 24, 2011

Yup, it worked.

Yup, it worked.

Post updated, lead photo referred to in the text.
Inspired by a workshop with Calumet I partcipated in yesterday I have a few thoughts I’d like to share with you. The workshop had a long-winded title, but basically it was about black and white portrait photography in these modern times of digital photography. In fact, I was the only one with film in the camera. (more…)

All You Need Is …

February 19, 2011

… an old Leica IIIf, a good 50 mm lens, a wide 12 mm lens, an incident light meter and some film. Case in point:

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Swedish Deliberation

February 5, 2011

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What do these four images have in common? (more…)

Chercher ne signifie rien en art. Ce qui compte, c’est trouver (P.Picasso)

December 4, 2010

© Robert Dosineau

© Robert Dosineau

Don’t worry, this ‘blog hasn’t turned french. Thanks to my daughter, who has to write a school essay on this quote from Picasso, I was reminded of self-confident way this godfather of modern art worked. (more…)