Delayed Gratification Machine

These cameras will make you wait.

And that’s a good thing. And a mixed blessing, I’m feeling right now. Starting in the mid-2000 years, I switched to digital photography but always kept a few film cameras. There have been comings and goings by auction on Ebay, but all three above are still with me. I haven’t touched the Calumet C1 8×10 field camera in years, but it is unsellable and I still phantasize about contact prints on platinum-palladium-paper. The Nikon F6 I have been using on and off over years. It is the ultimate film enabler with it’s advanced functions making shooting film almost no bother. If only one had a congenial lab to do the developing, scanning and printing with the same ease! And the Leica M-A is a recent acquisition. One word describes it: pure. It doesn’t even have an exposure meter.
The previous paragraph proves I can wax lyrical about film cameras at length. Using them really is an emotional matter for me. This can only help my creativity.
Here are some results from a roll of film that had lain undeveloped since February 2018. Welcome to the quantum wonders of latent image:
Leica, M6, Berlin, Spreebogen, ArchitekturLeica, M6, Berlin, Spreebogen, ArchitekturLeica, M6, Berlin, Spreebogen, ArchitekturLeica, M6, Berlin, Spreebogen, Architektur
Berlin, obviously. I really like these discoveries more than a year after taking the photographs!

But …

Look closely at the longer image sides and you will see an error of development in two shots, faint darker stripes reaching into the picture. Comes from exhausted developer (I mixed this batch of Diafine in April of 2018) or wrong agitation. Seeing that in the scans, I’m devastated. A saying comes to mind: Everything worth doing is hard. Yes, it is!
So, more work to do, process to refine, developer to be bought.

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