What It Is



To black & white, that is.
How’s the Leica M10-D as a black & white camera? Well, let’s see:

I think the abstraction helps to transfer the idea of a conversation between man and stone lion.
The color version is a muddy mess, the b & w one shows the single figures. Conversions were done with Silver Efex Pro 2, by the way.
Much better without color, don’t you think?
It was graphical, anyway.
I like this double portrait of my son and his wife better in black & white, even if I cut off his critical look.

So, the Leica M10-D makes files that can be converted to black & white and these conversions look quite good to me, if I may say so myself. But:

A road from yesterday’s motorcycle tour, shot with the Leica M monochrom (type 246). The second version toned with Silver Efex Pro 2. Granted, not street photography (well, … ;). The range of tones is better than in the converted black & white ones above, not to speak of the resolution of the monochrome sensor.

So, there is a better monochrome camera in Leica’s stable than the M10-D. Horses for courses.

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