Small is Beautiful

11 inch iPad Pro plus Pencil

Apple said it can replace a laptop, but you gotta be careful. When it comes to photo editing, only the two recent versions of the iPad Pro make the cut. Only they have a color gamut a bit wider than sRGB (still far removed from Adobe RBG). You won’t be adjusting something you can’t see, at least if the web is your platform.

Today I found an 11 inch representative of that group of four that fits the Oberwerth man purse … eh, photo bag.

Look, ma, no cables!

Leica’s FOTOS app runs okay on it and then I process the downloaded dngs in Lightroom.

The lead photo in post-processing.

I’m confident that I can adjust the colors correctly. Well, you be the judge, I did this whole post on the little iPad! And I’m getting to like the Apple Pencil 2, you hit your marks in the UI better with it. I haven’t drawn much with it, but then, I’m no artist and Photoshop for iPad is not out yet.

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