An Experimental Platform

Canon FD f/1.2 85 mm and Visoflex (Type 020) fitted

Canon FD f/1.2 85 mm and Visoflex (Type 020) fitted

Putting a Visoflex electronic viewfinder on a Leica M10-D seems nonsensical.
This is supposed to be a camera that brings you back to basics. But then, how are you gonna focus that light-gatherer of a lens? Canon FD f/1.2 85 mm, aspherical, of course. I’ve had it for a long time, and even the FD to M adapter. Today I attached it to the Leica M10-D for the first time. An experiment in shallow depth-of-field.

Bo'keh cake

Bo’keh cake

With the Visoflex, focussing is easy provided your subject has a modicum of contrast. When you press the focus button at the front of the Leica below the rangefinder window, the central part of the image is magnified and red line focussing aids appear on those contrast lines that will be sharp.

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That takes a little getting used to but can be done semi-fast. When I came upon a happening performed by the “Center for political beauty” (it’s an actual German party called “The Party” … Sometimes I’m proud of my country.), I stood a bit back and focussed. The adapter has a stop-down lever, I had preset the aperture to f/2.0, so that is what I used for these photos.

The “Moppi” they were supporting is a GDR TV puppet with an anarchistic streak. The next one is a post-german-reunion TV character and a bit eerie, if you ask me.

“Bernd das Brot”

Children seem to like him, though.

Prismatic soda bottles

Prismatic soda bottles

This was at lunch in a vegan restaurant. I got along with the Visoflex quite well. In typical Leica fashion, it keeps out of your way. The function button to the right of the shutter release switches the amount of information you see in the EVF. You use the FOTOS app to set if and for how long you will have an image review. There is no chimping. Once you are out of this review time, there is no way to come back to previous pictures.
Ah, there we have it again! The quirky M10-D. I like it!

The f/1.2 85 mm lens on the M10-D is good for portraits, of course.

Johnny ...

Johnny …

... and Nick playing "Fallout 4"

… and Nick playing “Fallout 4”

Lots of bo’keh replacing the background!

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