Bag Snobbery

The Leica “Systemtasche” by Oberwerth

The times they are a’changing. In these gender-fluid times, a man can get excited about a leather bag. By all means! So I did.

Leica suggests you put at least one of their cameras inside

Leica suggests you put at least one of their cameras inside

Obertwerth is a purse maker in in a little town of the same name. They offer a similar photo bag labelled “Freiburg”.

Takes a lot

Takes a lot

The one they make for Leica comes with some extra features. There’s leather throughout on the outside, no cordura Nylon. Heavy, yet supple leather that feels and smells amazing. The stitching is in “Leica dot” red, there are some Leica script embossings that thankfully aren’t highlighted in red.

A strap of the same kind

A strap of the same kind

I like the included strap so much, it was actually decisive in purchasing the “Systemtasche”. The same stitching, the same leather treatment, it is very flexible. The leather protectors at the keyring attachments are a bit thick. They might scratch the M10-D‘s black chrome over time, but the top plate of that camera is in brass, so that’s okay. The strap has a chrome hasp that looks like it could do some damage. I’ll disarm it with a piece of electrician’s tape.

To finish up the extras, there are two small leather bags to fix to the main strap. One fits a battery, the other a Visoflex EVF or an optical viewfinder.

Say "Aaah" and open wide

Say “Aaah” and open wide

See one suggestion for loading it up in Leica’s promo photo above. It will take one M-camera with lens plus two to four lenses depending on their size. They sit in an inner bag cushioned with air pads which can be closed and removed. My iPad mini with a China gadget keyboard cover fits into the leather front pocket loosely. It would also take a 9″ iPad or even a 11″ iPad Pro. Then there are a zippered back pocket, a zippered inner pocket and a slot for a smartphone in the main bag.

You probably happen to notice that I really like this bag. It is the equivalent of a beautiful purse for gender assured Leica photographers.

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