Waving good-bye to a cloud with High-Speed-Sync

What was the workshop like I took part in yesterday? It was fine, and a bit out of my comfort zone, but how else are you gonna learn something new? It was in Jens Brüggemann’s studio in Neuss and Jens gave us a thorough overview in the morning. The subject of the workshop was “Posing Tipps with Model” but the theory part ranged a bit beyond that. We were just three participants and it was an open discussion. Having never worked with a model, some of the preconceptions were foreign to me. But then, you don’t just pose a professional model (often you don’t need to, much!), but also a portrait subject. Or the bride and groom, like I’ll have to do with my son and his fiancée in six days. Butterflies in my stomach, but less so after this workshop.

After a healthy lunch, we got to photograph the model in various poses and under different lighting conditions, which Jens set up.

I used the Leica Monochrom first with both the 50 mm Summarit and the 35 mm Summicron. Exposure was always on manual, base ISO, flash synch shutter speed. The aperture adjusted the background exposure in the silhouette image above, otherwise the flashes determined exposure. Much to learn in that regard as well.

Then I switched over to the Nikon and colour.

In the end of the afternoon session, we went outside and tried out a new Elinchrome Flash that had High Speed Sync. Again, something I can use in six days at the wedding, as my Profoto flashes have that system, too.

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