Slinging it

It actually will hold the iPad Pro that sits beside it.

It actually will hold the iPad Pro that sits beside it.

“My name is Christoph and I’m a photobagoholic.” No, really, I have a lot of them. The latest addition to my collection is Peak Design’s Everyday Sling Bag 10 liter.

Roomy for a Leica kit

Roomy for a Leica kit

What is there to review about a bag? Well it’s made of sturdy Nylon on the outside. Three colors are available, I chose the medium gray. There”s a main compartment with two origami-like dividers and a sleeve for an iPad or a netbook, a lid pocket with sleeves for batteries and SD cards, a vast front pocket with sleeves again and straps to tie a tripod or bottle horizontally to the bottom. As it is a sling bag, you can easily rotate it to your front and work out of it.

What does it hold?
Well, I’ve had my Leica kit in it with one digital M with lens sitting vertically in the middle, three lenses and a 12 mm viewfinder sitting behind one origami divider to one side, a screw-mount Leica, film and a light meter behind the other divider to the other side. Filters, batteries and SD-Cards in the lid pocket, cleaning accessories, smartphone and chargers in the front pocket and that iPad Pro in the sleeve in the main compartment. If I was out and about, I’d leave that at my base, it tends to weigh down the bag too much.

Alternatively, I could rearrange the dividers in the main compartment so that it holds a Pro Nikon DSLR (without the battery grip) with 24 – 70 mm f/2.8 lens on it plus Profoto A1 flash, gels, light modifiers and Air Remote TTL N. I wouldn’t have thought that possible, but it fits!

Still, it remains comfortable to carry. On the motorbike, the construction of the shoulder belt and it’s pad keep it from rotating around, it remains positioned in the small of your back.

Executive summary: it is my favorite sling bag!

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