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Show Your Pride!

June 29, 2018
This one's for the well-heeled LGBQT person.

This one’s for the well-heeled LGBQT person.

Sometimes one is reminded of the Apple of old times, they with the “Here’s to the crazy ones” campaign. The second most valuable stock-listed company in the world has a LGBQT Pride themed watch band for their Apple Watch on offer. (more…)

Hello (Brave New) World

June 26, 2018

“It’s going to be all cats and dogs and the odd moo cow, all uncomplaining creatures that love having their pictures taken. And flowers, castles, trees, (deserted) streets, can all add flavour to our endeavours. But whatever you do, don’t take a picture of a real person.”

From the MACFILOS ‘blog comment on GPDR.