Processing Fujifilm X100F RAF Files with Apple Aperture 3.6

Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm X100F

When I got a Fujifilm X100F, I hit a snag in my rather outdated image processing workflow.

Here's the problem

Here’s the problem

Apple Aperture 3.6 wouldn’t open the camera’s RAF RAW files (what is it with these acronyms?). Aperture’s RAW presets have last been updated two years ago, which I find regrettable. Anyway, I’m used to Aperture, I have so many presets and third-party plugins that I want to continue using it. I’ve tried Lightroom and couldn’t warm to it, much less with Adobe’s subscription model.
It’s already evident in the above picture, Iridient Developer to the rescue!



If you want to avoid the nasty incompatibility notice, you can switch the preview image in Aperture to JPEG (if you set the camera to take both RAF RAWs and JPEGs, if you get my meaning…). Here you see that I used the Acros film simulation which is exquisite, by the way.

If you follow Iridient’s tutorial (a must read!), Iridient Developer will grab the corresponding RAF file nonetheless. Then you can use it as an external RAW editor, and it has all imaginable settings.

Better choose this menu line

Better choose this menu line

When you’re done in Iridient Developer, it’s time to perk up again! You want to “Process Image and Overwrite (Std Image)”, otherwise your changes won’t appear in Aperture. For example, if you’d just click “Process Image and Save As…” to add the image to the batch queue, the resulting TIFF would still appear black and white and have none of the corrections you just set. Such are the ways of Aperture.

So, finding this was a relief. And how are the images from the X100F?

Click for full size and follow the sprouting Christmas illuminations!

Click for full size and follow the sprouting Christmas illuminations!

Just fine, thank you. No surprise to me, those are the details you get off a Trans-X sensor because it has no antialiasing filter. That’s the way to do it!

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2 Responses to “Processing Fujifilm X100F RAF Files with Apple Aperture 3.6”

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    […] When you get a digital camera, you get an endless supply of the same “film” that you will be using for the lifetime of that body. The Fujifilm X-H1 sports a 24 MPixel X-Trans sensor without an antialias filter in front of it. The sensor is hung inside the camera with 5-axis IBIS (in-body image stabilization). For the in-camera JPEGs, Fujifilm offers attractive presets from her own and other manufacturer’s analog past. I like all of these features and appreciated all but one (the IBIS) in my Fujifilm X 100F. […]

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