Fetish Fone

There's something Lost in Translation here. Or, to drag in another movie pun, it's a Shame.

There’s something Lost in Translation here. Or, to drag in another movie pun, it’s a Shame.

So, a new iPhone. The sixth iteration, curiously numbered 5. And I’ve had all but the original model. This time around, my contract was up for renewal, lessening the subjective financial blow. A bit half-heartedly but still unavoidably, I ordered it three days after it was announced and was surprised to be in the first wave of deliveries, recieving it the day before yesterday. It is gorgeous, as the late Steve Jobs would surely have remarked had he lived to present it to geekdom. So what is this strange attraction?
The Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology has the following definition to offer:
“In its original meaning, the word “fetish” (portug: feitiço from lat. factitius: artefact) denotes an object of veneration, an idol, a religious item endowed with magic powers. Such fetishes were, and still are, worshipped in many preliterate societies.”
There you have it. Oh dear! Explains a lot, doesn’t it? Just replace “religious item” with “gadget” and “preliterate” with “computer-illiterate” and it applies. And it makes perfect sense that the purveyor of these magic objects should be the second most valuable company in the world. They can ask for profit margins above 100% percent on these fetishes and their customers admire them for it. Only natural that the stock market should push the price of ONE stock above 700$.
So, yes, I feel satisfied and ashamed. And I want a command line app on my fetish fone 😉 .

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