Leaving the Walled Garden

Drinking the Hacker Kool-Aid

Drinking the Hacker Kool-Aid

I’ve finally had it with Apple‘s strategy of integrating hardware, software and digital goods into a captive environment for the user. Granted, there’s the polished look, the immaculate user experience and the respectable security record. But there’s also a continous drain on my wallet and the uncanny feeling of being cunningly manipulated. And anyone who has listened in on his Apple computer’s network activities know that they “phone home” with the best of them.
So I’ve been casting a covetous eye on a ThinkPad X1 running Linux as my next laptop. Today, that time for change had come, and if you give a reputable ThinkPad running Windows 7 Club Mate to drink, it can be persuaded to boot Kubuntu:
Here's a config screen in all it's retro ASCII graphics glory.

Here's a config screen in all it's retro ASCII graphics glory.

On the third try, the install went as planned and replaced all software from Redmond. So far, I like the Kubuntu experience, though arcane settings are hard to get to. For example, I’d like to do something about the fan settings. Googling command line procedures for that gave me a flashback to my Linux days during the 1990-ties.
Welcome back, Tux!

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