Pattern Recognition


With apologies to William Gibson
Our brain seems hungry to find pattern in the chaos. It’s a functional principle I like to play with in an ongoing series. My brain in turn seeks out patterns in nature and makes me photograph them in a way both revealing to and demanding from the viewer. Taking these pictures I work the edges of the frame, delibarately putting the camera on a tripod to be able to make minuscule adjustments. I prefer cropping “too” close to letting my area of interest stand with a margin. In post-processing, much of that well thought out edge of the frame gets blurred again, be it through an Silver Efex 2 action like here or be it in creating a digital negative and printing it to Pt/Pd with it’s uneven brushstrokes. Thereby, I confront my viewers with an excerpt of a pattern that could go on. It is up to them. In a similar manner, even the pattern results in their heads, these pictures don’t open to a cursory glance. And yet again they do, our visual systems snap into patterns.
Feel free to comment on this concept and the execution.

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2 Responses to “Pattern Recognition”

  1. Aaron Cohen Photography Says:

    As a WordPress photographer, I love seeing posts like these! Great job!

  2. John Todaro Says:

    Good posts..and I like your sense of humor.

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