Really Right For The Wrong Purpose

Lauchagrund at dusk

Lauchagrund at dusk

Leicas are for street photography, right? Perhaps reportage and situational portraits, too.
But then, the newest incarnation of the Leica M Gestalt is one of the best digital cameras on the market. It’d be a shame to limit it’s potential to hand-held use. And as every photographer worth his salt knows, the simplest way to make your photos sharper is to use a tripod.
A Leica on a tripod is an abomination. But not with this:
Really Right Stuff BM9-B Set for Leica M9

Really Right Stuff BM9-B Set for Leica M9

California aluminum miller extraordinaire Really Right Stuff produces Arca norm compatible plates for almost any camera, and this is his creation for the Leica M9. Note the cleverly intergrated handgrip. The base plate goes on the M9 instead of the usual base plate. Yes, you can carefully maneuver the camera body and the strap lugs so that it all just falls into place although this contraption has objects on both sides of the camera body. Close, but well considered tolerances.
Here's the camera mounted in it from the front ...

Here's the camera mounted in it from the front ...

... and the rear ...

... and the rear ...

... and the bottom.

... and the bottom.

Mounted, the lithe M9 becomes kinda ruggedized (and regains the substantial weight that the M film bodies have). There’d be no problem with the Winogrand maneuver (except for the recipient of that move).
And how’s it working out in the field? Well, fine as usual if you avail yourself of the splendid Arca system in it’s RRS incarnation. For the lead shot, I set the camera on a RRS BH-40 LR II ballhead (on Calumet CX8144 carbon legs) and exposed for 30 seconds. Working like this is controlled, safe and a joy as the equipment works precisely and just gets out of your way.
That’s what we want, right?

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2 Responses to “Really Right For The Wrong Purpose”

  1. John Todaro Says:

    Lauchagrund– nicely toned, and very appealing image!

  2. Color Loss and Gain | Mostly Black & White Says:

    […] My son came with, borrowed a Leica M10 and took this photo of me trying out the M monochrom for the first time. It is a small camera, disappearing behind my proportions. Bit awkward to hold in my big hands (glove size 9), but I’ll fix that with a grip. […]

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