A tablet computer for makers, not consumers

A tablet computer for makers, not consumers

Or so Cory Doctorow would say. Though he’s had an awful lot of pro-iPad articles on boing-boing lately. Anyway …
To get the bottom line out of the way: I’ve had the Xoom for all of 16 hours and I already like it more than my iPad.
As for the reasons, my most estimable previous speaker has again put it well in an article posted a few days ago: Android and iOS both fail, but Android fails better. Be sure to follow that link, I’ve nothing to add to that.
Of course, there’s the eye candy as well. As you can see in the lead photo, the Xoom tablet comes with a cool Tron-theme. Again, if that’s not your cup of tea (mine it is!), you could totally change it. This is just the default theme it’s OS, Android v. 3.0.1 aka “Honeycomb” comes in. Having fought against the user interface in previous versions of Android, I must say that Honeycomb is a big step forward. Much more intuitive and adapted to the bigger screen real estate. I’ve yet to look into a manual or call up a help screen.
As an example for the things you can do on a Xoom but never on an iPad: I’ve got my Bitcoin wallet on the Xoom, whereas all Bitcoin apps in the Apple App Store are about the rate of exchange or keeping a wary eye on your Bitcoin miners. It’s doing it vs. watching it.
So, the next steps on the Xoom require it being rooted. Working on it, right now adb on my Mac is laboriously self-updating. Some very slow progress bars, but that’s Java for you. Elegant and slow. I actually like hacking things to make them work, and the Xoom is going to be my Hackbrett.

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