Vit, mon ami!

Let”s see if I can make myself understood. This is one of these Leica mysthique blogposts that is shure to cause incomprehension in modern photographers in these digital times. And it’s not even about a Leica camera or one of their fabulous lenses.

It's about a manual film transport called Leicavit M.

It's about a manual film transport called Leicavit M.

Assuming one would want to photograph with a Leica M rangefinder camera (loosing those with realistic financial outlooks) on film (loosing 95% of the practising photographers population), why would one want that?
As so many of these things that happen around this decades-old camera system, it’s about the flow.
This is how you use the Leicavit M.

This is how you use the Leicavit M.

You fold out a pin from the bottom of the camera and pull that to the left to cock the shutter and advance the film. The action is easy, smooth and silent in that Leica way.
And what do you gain? In a situation that develops in front of you, you don’t have to take the camera from the eye. You’re always aware, ready for “le moment decisive”. Using the Leica M camera like it was meant to be, the Leicavit is an invaluable concentration enhancing silver halide carrier advancement mechanism.

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2 Responses to “Vit, mon ami!”

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