Lion Loses Windows

Go Full-Screen!

Go Full-Screen!

So, Mac OS X Lion was released two days ago. Reviews are mostly positive, but they miss the big game changer that came with this newest iteration of Apple’s OS, it’s full-screen apps.
Apple’s iOS-infected terminology aside, this means a good-bye to the window metaphor. A big part of the user interface they got from Xerox and that Microsoft subsequently copied now goes out the window (ha!). And with it desktop clutter and detrimental distraction by a myriad of E-mail, Twitter, instant messaging and browser programs in overlapping windows. Neuroscience has proven us to be already influenced by this divided attention, and not in a good way!
OS X Lion allows and forces us to concentrate on the task at hand. I for one switch every program that allows it to full-screen. As of now, most Apple-genereric programs provide that salutary capability, and most second-party programs will make the changeover.
Try out this new way of using a computer for a few days and you’ll perhaps join me in welcoming this change of behaviour our new computer overlords enacted. It’s a brave new GUI world!

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