GUIs, Cycle Touring and Photography

Wide-open Skies

Wide-open Skies

This is one of only three photos I took on a 98 km bicycle loop yesterday.
My passions don’t seem to mix well. When I’m riding or racing my bike, I go about it with a certain single-mindedness. Any cyclist will tell you that, it’s a prerequisite for the sport. To get up to speed, you’ll have to spend hours in training and hundreds of kilometers on the road. In winter and spring, with ugly weather and daylight waning. So either you’re very stubborn and lay the base, or you’re like me and seek to break the boredom. Ever since the first mobile cassette players, I’ve been riding to music on headphones. And yes, I know about the dangers. Nowadays, thanks to Apple’s most profitable devices, it’s podcasts, music and audiobooks that make the neccessary hours on the road pass faster. Sure, once you listen to that kind of material, a certain disconnect sets in. Sometimes I want that, sometimes not so much. Then I switch to a playlist that contains appropriate music and try to keep the beat with my cadence. Nowadays, it’s mostly Electronica, Jazz, Tom Waits or Mark Knopfler. And sometimes the battery in the bluetooth headphones throws in the towel and all is well regardless. I ride on, the last song that played stuck in my head.
So, two tasks fill me completly: turning the pedals fast in as high a gear as possible and listening to that crap (and keeping the rubber side down. And staying on the road. And avoiding being killed by distracted or murderous motorists. Minor matters like these …). No capacity for photography. Only the most compelling scenes make me stop, get out my Olympus E-PL1 and take a photo. The switch between the two activities is always a radical one. It’s a if my consciousness was structured like Mac OS X Lion’s fullscreen user interface. Or is it the other way round? 😉

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