Chercher ne signifie rien en art. Ce qui compte, c’est trouver (P.Picasso)

© Robert Dosineau

© Robert Dosineau

Don’t worry, this ‘blog hasn’t turned french. Thanks to my daughter, who has to write a school essay on this quote from Picasso, I was reminded of self-confident way this godfather of modern art worked. All of us who need to create can learn from him.
Let’s analyze his words for a moment. In the first sentence, he apodictically puts down the romantic notion of the artist as a searcher for truth or beauty. Sorry, J. Keats! It is not the search that counts. This reminds me of a bitter joke that makes the rounds at portfolio reviews. A young artist shows his works to the master and is harshly criticized. Says he: “But I put so much work in it!” Answers the master: “It hasn’t come out again.”
Picasso’s second sentence may come over as arrogant (and if you’d ask the women in his life, they’d surely agree), but it isn’t. It speaks of the artist’s calling. He is drawn by his piece, he doesn’t draw it. It is only a matter of finding the means, the time and the expression, then the work of art will materialize through you.
At least it was this way for Picasso. 😉

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