WTF, it’s a New F1

New to me Canon F1 New, Three Decades Young

New to me Canon F1 New, Three Decades Young

Pro film cameras of yesteryear are getting ridiculously cheap these days. So, not heeding my own admonishment, I tried out a new-to-me Canon F1 New today that I fished out of the ‘bay.
I have a personal history with this camera. Thirty years ago, when my photography passion started, I bought into the Canon system with the then-revolutionary Canon A1. The camera was gadgety, but the system was impressive. Soon, I coveted Canon’s pro model of that time, and that was the F1 New. Totally out of my range, and I only got to handle one once, when my dad, God bless him, took me to a Canon trade show. I still vividly remember how solid it felt in my hands, businesslike and a bit menacing in it’s flat black color. All that came back to me today. How’s that for a fetish?
Anyway, the two lenses it came with (FD f/2.0 35 mm and FD f/2.8 28 mm) are something peculiar, too. Test photos I took on an autumn hike today on SPUR DSX show good resolution and tonality on center.
Dewdrops, Unprocessed Neg. Scan @ 4000 dpi

Dewdrops, Unprocessed Neg. Scan @ 4000 dpi

Most pictures today were taken at f/2.0 or f/2.8. The last two, three millimeters in the corner of the negatives suffered visibly.
You don't see open f-stop corners this bad today

You don't see open f-stop corners this bad today

Give it a bit more, and you could actually get a nice swirl effect.
These are lens faults I can work with. In an available light shot at night, these corners would even look interesting.
The camera body is built like the proverbial brick shithouse. I fully expect it to serve me some more decades.

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