Give me back my Filesystem

Aperture doesn't support this Picture Format?

Aperture doesn't support this Picture Format?

Apple’s Aperture all-in-one photo software has a nasty bug in it’s latest version (3.0.3). Update: The problem is solved and I got my filesystem back 😉 Once you have to repair the library, export of a RAW file to a plugin is no longer possible. An error message claims that Aperture no longer knows this file type. That, of course, is b.s., the same files were read and exported before, and RAW file support is regularly updated by Software Updates. What’s more, RAW files newly imported into the library show all the old characteristics. No problems exporting them!
Aperture Does Support (and Export!) this Picture Format!

Aperture Does Support (and Export!) this Picture Format!

I think a repair of the Aperture library brings with it the risk that Aperture “forgets” some RAW file metadata. Lens data were conspicuously absent.
Update: Just a few hours after posting this, @clem_hk contacted me on Twitter with good and viable suggestions for a solution of this problem. He seems to work at Apple and trawls the twitstream for mentions of Aperture and problems with it. Kudos for that! The solution was to look inside the bundle that the Aperture library is with Finder and fish out the original RAW files. Copied them out and reimported them, all’s well.
As a consequence, I’ve put the Aperture library in with the other folders that are backed up by TimeMachine. Should have been there in the first place!

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