Apple’s Blue Man Group

Christian, Workshop Instructor at the Hamburg Apple Store

Christian, Workshop Instructor at the Hamburg Apple Store

Out of sheer curiosity, I visited an Apple Store for the first time today. The Apple Store in Hamburg is located in a mall at the northern outskirts of the city. It’s not so large and flashy as Apple’s latest openings, but right from the start it was brimming with customers and employees in blue t-shirts. They quickly found each other using a ticket system for sessions that needed a lot of advice. Off the shelf purchases were quickly accounted for by blue men (and women) prowling the store with mobile terminals.
But I didn’t come to buy something (originally …), but for a workshop. Christian, our instructor, introduced a diverse group of users to the differences of Mac OS X vice versa Windows OS-es. He was thorough and entertaining about it and didn’t overload his talk with advertising elements. There was something new to learn for every caliber of Mac user. Really skillfully made and an hour worth spent.
Apropos spending, I bought Aperture 3 from Christian (yes, it did feel that personal!) after the lecture and I like it for processing the photos from the Olympus E-PL1. It even corrects for the Panasonic 20 mm pancake lenses barrel distortion automatically, just like the built-in JPEG converter does.
I think Apple’s Blue Man Group pays for itself.

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