Of Mice And Men

Contour RollerMouse Free

Contour RollerMouse Free

I confess that I struggle with input devices. I’m just not made to push a mouse over a desktop. The old mice had a rubber ball and picked up an astonishing amount of dirt. Plus, they were inexact. Newer types are demanding of the surface they are to be used on. At home, my desk has a matte glass top, which is the worst kind for optical mice.
For the longest while, I’ve used a trackball, Logitech Marble Mouse. It fits in the hollow of my hand and has enough extra switches that can be configured. I’m always looking for a simple way to do a Cmd-Click in order to open a link in Safari in a new tab in the background. Thinking of Google Reader here.
Since yesterday, there’s a new contender on my desk: Contour’s RollerMouse Free. Only a marketdroid could think of such a name. It’s neither free nor a mouse, so let’s abbreviate it to RMF now for the purposes of this discussion. They got the roller thing right, though, that roller bar is the actual pointing device. It is reachable over the whole width, and as the RMF sits right in front of your keyboard, your thumbs don’t have to move far or unnaturally to reach it from the ergonomic typing position. Five buttons and a clickable scroll wheel. Trying it out now in combination with the trackball, and the RMF seems to be well suited to text-heavy computing sessions as for example entering a lengthy, rambling blog post. 😉
The trackball is more comfortable if you’re just consuming media and not entering anything.
I’ll tell you if my thumbs fall off.

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