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Diminutive Wireless Keyboard plus Tragic MacPad

Diminutive Wireless Keyboard plus Tragic MacPad

Coercing myself into using these wireless input devices. Like the optics, usability remains to be seen.
Now, how about some wireless synching for iP* devices, Apple? Wireless mains?
Yours truly, enjoying a tingling sense of EMI (electromagnetic interference). 😉
After a while admiring the two designed-to-the-hilt input devices on my desk and a few text-intensive sessions, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Wireless Keyboard is crap. Excuse the French. It’s one of the worst laptop keyboards in a stylish aluminum casing. Key action is soft and imprecise and it acutally has too few keys for programming (try to find “|” (that’s not a big i, but a Unix pipe) on it). I’ve gone back to my old Matias Tactile Pro keyboard. It is extensive, well-labeled, loud and, well, tactile. A design clash with the tragic MacPad. The latter has a revokable right of residence on my desk for now. I’m getting used to the gestures, scrolling and dragging is especially useful. I miss the Cmd-click that I had one one of my trackball’s extra buttons, BetterTouchTool has reactivated it, but it’s still in alpha.

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