Droid Unboxing and Setup

Looking Good amongst it's iOS Competitiors

Looking Good amongst it's iOS Competitiors

Amazon was fast again, and my son got his Samsung Galaxy S Android phone yesterday. You know how they say “Imitation is the purest form of flattery”? The Samsung ‘droid reminds one of the iPhone in many places. The menu screens containing all apps look very much like the iPhone’s home screens. On the ‘droid, home screens are separate, and the first one is dominated by a giant Google search field. Wonder why that would be. 😉 Anyway, my son was creeped out a bit when the Samsung knew his Googlemail Addressbook right after setting up the account. Outside of the Google biotope, it had a bit of stranger anxiety, not accepting the self-signed SSL certificate that I used on the Mac mini server to set up IMAP authentication. Apple does that! But it also leaves a PDF font bug in mobile Safari (that’s running as root, tsk, tsk!).
Other differences: I really liked the “Daily Briefing” email-calendar-twitter portal, I need that on my lock screen!
But mostly, differences were small, and it was back and forth between my son and me, nitpicking over small idiosyncrasies. The droid’s Linux genome shone through, you just had more settings to set.
What I’m really curious about is whether the WLAN hotspot works. That function is crippled in the iPhone, no thanks to the Deutsche Telekom.

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