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iPhone 3G Hanging in the Boot Process

iPhone 3G Hanging in the Boot Process

What do you get if you mix the dev team, a weary 2-year-old iPhone 3G, lagging Apple unlock servers and a juvenile with an overly trigger-happy reset finger? Well, see above.
When I finally had gotten my iPhone 4, i gave the “old” 3G to my son. Unluckily, we had to wait a fortnight for it to be exactly two years old. He wanted to use an O2 SIM card in it. Yesterday, we had the SIM-lock removed by my friends from the Deutsche Telekom Hotline. This unlock has to be implemented by Apple servers, and they were slow to do so.
As the fates would have it, there was a very tempting online jailbreak coming out just yesterday, too.

    Careful about following that last link with your iPhone, children!

Anyway, the jailbreak went well and after some more Cydia magic, we had it unlocked. All was well, until the proud new owner decided to “Reset All” from the device. The 3G decided to visit 1, Infinite Loop, it”s gone to see it’s maker and has been hanging in the boot process ever since. Total brick.
I think there’s an Android phone in my son’s future, and he can brick (and hopefully un-brick) that himself.

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