Detail on 135

Overhanging Climbing Rock, Lauchagrund

Overhanging Climbing Rock, Lauchagrund

It took me ages, but I’m finally getting along with SPUR DSX. Development problems are over since I started using distilled water for the developer solution and for the wetting agent. The amount of grunge on the scans is now manageable.
On the last pair of SPUR DSX films I developed, I used their SPUR Modular UR kit developer, that comes in different package sizes together with film (link to german-language price list).
When I scanned the frames, I was flabbergasted. Tonality to die for, endless detail, and no grain that my Coolscan 5000 ED could bring out. In post-processing the 39 MByte greyscale TIFF scan files, the most aggressive sharpening algorithms can be used. Normally, those are reserved for scans from large format negatives!
By the way, the film is unmerciful with regards to lens quality. Anything less than the Zeiss ZF lenses on my Nikon F6 or Leica lenses on the MP doesn’t cut the mustard. As always if you want to minimize camera shake, it pays to use good camera support. A Leki Nordic Walking stick that doubles as a monopod was used in the lead photo.

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