A Changing of the Mobile Guard

From the Department of Unashamed Fanboyism

From the Department of Unashamed Fanboyism

All enthusiasm aside, there are things you can’t do on an iPad or an iPhone on a mobile basis. Coding for one. Cory Doctorow is right, you know. If you’re a maker, you”ll find yourself hemmed and hindered by the character of these devices and their ecosystem. But let me digress. I’m on holiday right now with my children, we’re at the Baltic Sea at my parent’s place. It has been a traditional pastime for me at these stays to bring my laptop and try to do some programming. I’m rather insomniac, so that leaves lots of (early) hours not spent at the beach. This time around, I brought my black plastic MacBook and the two iDevices that have featured prominently in previous blogposts. One of them, the iPad, I didn’t see much of, because my youngest daughter is fond of playing Pocket God on it. And some cat-stacking game, mew, mew …. There are some e-books from O’Reilly on there with documentation, so I’ll have to wrest it from her little hands sometime. The black MacBook, né ca. 2007, didn’t do very well either with the newest version of Xcode and the iPhone SDK. Befitting the season, it contributed to the heat even before starting these programs by imitating a space heater, the situation being beautified by frequent appearances of the beachball. There was a good offer on Amazon for a MacBook Pro 13″ with overnight shipping, so:
Tough Unibody Dwarf

Tough Unibody Dwarf

Ok, here comes the gushing part, because I like this new laptop. The stability of the Unibody case is really confidence inspiring, no give or creaking at all. Everything runs faster, as well it should. Compiles of last year’s projects take about half the time compared to the black one. Ergonomics as such I can’t say much about as I have it sitting on an iRizer stand and connected to an external display. When in Xcode, you can’t have too much screen real estate, or you wear down the F10 key. Apropos screen, the MacBook Pro’s LED-backlit screen looks gorgeous, and using it inside, I didn’t mind it being glossy. But I was astonished that I couldn’t calibrate it to straight lines for the primary colors with the Eye-One colorimeter and software. Either a limitation of the software or rather a lack of adjustments with a built-in screen. Anyway, Xcode, here I come! No specific promises about useful apps as end products, though. The journey is the destination.

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