The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Phone

Trippin' Reflections

Trippin' Reflections

The dealer of techno-chic got me again. I scored an iPhone 4 yesterday, but only with a trick. They are still in short supply here and I had pestered my local T-mobile store for one almost daily since the 24-th of last month. No way, José.
The trick was as follows: Yesterday, I went in with half a mind to prolong my 2-year contract without laying claim to a new phone. I’d just take a combined plan with talk minutes and data flatrate and buy the Android-running iPhone 4 contender from Samsung, Galaxy S I9000 (a name fit for a starship) from Amazon. This I discussed with the saleslady. Uh-oh! Some clandestine discussions with the other salespersons ensued, the boss was no longer in, there seemed to be some possibility: “We have one iPhone 4 left, but it’s a 16 GByte.”
Well, I fell for the Jobsian Soma again.
I really would have taken the Android road, no really! I’m not adverse to Linux things, before I came to the Mac I was a Linux hacker. But the lure of the shiny thing was too strong.
I rationalize this to myself with a well filled iTunes library. Not all the music I bought is DRM-free, but Apple in it’s kindness offers to convert it to “iTunes plus”. That’ll be 200 €, please, Sir. Only then could I listen to it on the Android phone. This doesn’t work at all for audiobooks. And, the apps would have to be bought again, at least the essentials like a Twitter client and an RSS reader.
Those were the reasons, and thus was the attraction…
And how is the iPhone 4?
The continuity of the mobile experience was exceptional. The iPhone 4 took the 3G’s backup with surprising speed and I had the same interface customized as I like it within an hour. The Retina Display screen is something to behold! The new movie camera did in fact take 720 p clips that show the shakiness of one’s hand in gorgeous HD.
While trying it out with my Bluetooth headphones, I found a button on them that activated voice calling. On a whim, I called my son, the iPhone 4 understood me on the first try and my son didn’t pick up the phone.
Otherwise, all was as before with the 3G, only sleeker, faster, sharper and tinglier. In the fingers. I can’t get it to drop bars, as hard as I death-grip it 😉

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