iPad, a Goldilocks Computer

One computer is too big to carry around all day comfortably. That would be almost any laptop. I see some of my colleagues using netbooks at the WOC to take lecture notes. Their keyboard is more crowded than the iPad’s virtual keyboard and the angle of view to the screen is less than ideal if you actually put it in your lap. Plus, they all have the wrong OS 😉
One computer is too small to use comfortably. That would be the iPhone. It is ideal for maps, music, podcasts, audio books, a look at your emails or RSS feeds and the occasional game. Data output, not so much data input. I wouldn’t want to take lecture notes at the conference I’m at now or write this blog post on the iPhone, though I could.
One computer is the happy medium between the two. You guessed it, it’s the iPad. For one, size matters. See below how it fits perfectly into the back pocket of my Domke photo bag. Still, the screen is big enough, resolves enough to do image editing, word processing, produce presentations or use a spreadsheet. The combination of a well-honed touch interface and a virtual keyboard actually provides less modality breaks than going from a physical keyboard to a mouse. You get used to it fast. I’m sure I will put some fingerprints on my screen when I get back home to my desktop computer.
The innards are mostly battery, so it lasts longer than a working day even if you use it often.
Right now, the iPad meets my mobile computing needs. Well done, Apple!

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