Getting Hooked On -it

In my previous post, I was wrong. Sorry about that. Leica wants you to start your M lens habit by buying their new (introduced 2007) Summarit lenses. They reactivated a lens name from the 1950-ies there. It basically means a lens speed slower than f/2.0 (Summicron) and faster than f/2.8 (Elmarit). In their modern incarnation, all Summarits are f/2.5. They share common components of their barrels and avoid exotic glasses and aspheric surfaces. Leica quality standards and mounting accuracy are maintained, though.
Lots more to read about them is on Erwin Puts’ site.
So, the Summarit 75 mm actually closed a gap in my lens lineup. I gave in and got it in today’s lunch break. Shapely legs … uhm, lens, isn’t it?

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