iPad Ta-da and To-do

After a few days with the device, I’d like to chime in with a few points where the iPad shines and a few deficiencies.

So, let’s start with the Ta-da! moments:
This will make me look like a dyed-in-the-wool Apple fanboy, but S. Jobs was right in his keynote when he emphasized the more personal contact you get when you touch software. Paradoxically, this sleek device takes a back seat to the program you’re using. Having no multitasking (or quasi-multitasking when software 4.0 comes out) and the quietness of the machine enhances that impression.
The batteries are good for at least a day of futzing around on the iPad. No, not 24 hours and with 3G on perhaps not even 10 hours, but enough that I want to give my neck and aging eyes a rest before the batteries run out. That’s a lot of time to create in, Cory!
Even blatant video consumerism doesn’t run the battery down faster, and HD movies on the iPad look just great. This may be a sign of me being behind the times, but for me, this is the first 720p viewing experience. It is so sharp!

There are some shortcomings to be found, as could be expected from a 1.0 version product. So, here are some To-dos for Apple to consider in future software updates and developers to perhaps integrate into apps:

The iPad needs a filesystem common to all apps that read and/or produce files. I know that is possible now with a jailbroken device and Cydia apps. There must be a happy medium between this risky, destabilizing solution and the kludge we have now. Perhaps a sandboxed central repository.
Developers need to throw away UI design concepts stemming from the times when a pointing device like a mouse or a stylus (shudder!) was used. Fingers are fatter and should have a bigger mark to hit. A good example of taking that into account is Newsrack and Twitterific, a bad one NewsTap.
When you rent a HD movie from the iTunes store, you’ll have to wait for it to be fully downloaded before you can start watching it. No instant gratification as in the iTunes store on your Mac.


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