In preparation for the portfolio reviews in Arles, I’m posting the artist’s statement and our contact info. We are Carl and Christoph Hammann, a son-and-father-team forming CCH-Photography.
1 Curriculum vitae
I was born in 1964, raised in northern Germany and photography has always been important to me. Conscious looking on the one hand and the intricacies of human perception on the other have always fascinated me, and so I became an ophthalmologist. Meanwhile, I kept on taking photographs.
Now I’m living and working in Waltershausen, Thuringia. I’m married and have three children. The oldest, Carl, is now 15 and has been photographing with me for over 6 years now.
2 Photographic works
The first series I’m showing this year is called “Pattern Recognition”. Even though they are deceptively simple, the images of plant tendrils, twigs and grasses invite closer inspection. The principle utilised in them to garner attention is one of the defining capabilities of the human brain: Pattern Recognition, hence the title. The second series is due to my recent fascination with curious combinations of colors. It was inspired by a study of the work of Eggleston and Shore. Carl has participated in both projects by comment and critique, but isn’t showing a series of his own because he has started a year of using a single camera, a single lens and a single sort of black and white film for all photography he does. The media for the series are Palladium-Platinum-Prints for “Pattern Recognition” and inkjet for the other series.
3 Perspective
While continuing to work on current projects and taking up new projects, we’d like to get our work in front of more people. We seek gallery representation and book contracts.
4 Contact info
You can reach us under this address:
Carl + Christoph Hammann
Schnepfenthaler Str. 28
99880 Waltershausen
Or by

  • Phone: +49-3622-200333
  • Mobile phone: 0171-5443313
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