Man Jewellery

Leica IIIf RD ST In Grey Griptac

Leica IIIf RD ST In Grey Griptac

Last weekend, I found a 1950-ties Leica IIIf Red Dial Self Timer in a store in Münster for a good price. Functions seemed ok, the collapsible f/3.5 5 cm Elmar is coated and hasn’t a single scratch. And if it’s a russian imitation, it’s good one …
Still, all was not well.
The leatherette was brittle and flaked away under the lensmount. That place was a sore spot on an otherwise shiny new thing! So I ordered a new covering from, in a daring mood, I chose grey Griptac material. It arrived this evening and wasn’t so hair-raising to apply as I had feared. The result is a rad piece of man jewellery, it even doubles as a grey card in photos shot with another camera, as this comparison with my Kodak grey cap shows:
Grey Cap And Grey Leica IIIf

Grey Cap And Grey Leica IIIf

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4 Responses to “Man Jewellery”

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