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Toepfer's Turm

Toepfer's Turm

I’m offering two alternate media fine art prints for sale at introductory prices. Specifics and prices after the break.
“Toepfer’s Turm” is a 8×10 inch platinum contact print on Arches Platine paper. A side window of a historic city watchtower is pictured in glancing morning light, bringing out texture and luminosity. It can be provided already matted to 40×50 cm with archival matboard for 99 € plus actual shipping cost.
Young Acorn

Young Acorn

“Young Acorn” has already been shown and discussed on this site. It is a 8×10 inch platinum-palladium contact print on Weston Diploma Parchment paper. Warmer and cooler shades of gray make a sunny woodland meadow scene come to life. It is offered for 89 € plus actual shipping cost.
If you’re interested, please contact me in the comments below, I’ll get back to you with further information and a PayPal request.

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