Shoot Loose

Satanist Transportation

Satanist Transportation

There’s something to be said for shooting loose, not minding much about technicalities, point of view, composition or working with your subject. The view from the angle of your eye, glimpsed in passing, has a certain raw freshness, unpretentiousness.
This came back to me when I got used to a new-from-Ebay Nikon F6 I got last week. I haven’t seen such thought-through automation in a 35 mm SLR yet. The various autofocus modes work as they claim to do and are actually faster and more exact than focussing by hand in most situations. Metering is uncannily exact in lighting situations that throw other cameras off track. Normally I’d use a spotmeter and a few minutes for calculations to get them right, which isn’t an option on the street.
Yeah, it looked like an able street-shooter to me, so out came the black tape to hide the very visible Nikon script on the pentaprism hump. I’m going to take it with me to Paris next week where my son and I will be on a week-long museum jaunt. H.C.-B. never had it this easy!
As the strange sparks (tree branches they are, it’s an inadvertent double exposure) in the picture above show, you can still shoot yourself into the foot with a Nikon F6. There’s also something to be said for drawing the film back in the cassette all the way, so you can’t load it twice.

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3 Responses to “Shoot Loose”

  1. megaperls Says:

    Haha, and I thought that was with the view camera. Good to know that some mistakes are compatible with all formats 🙂

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