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Pictures from Paris

February 14, 2009

An Underground Vault In The Louvre

An Underground Vault In The Louvre

Some pictures from a week in Paris this February. To be updated and continued after the jump: (more…)

One Picture of Thousands in the Louvre

February 6, 2009

We’re in Paris this week, and my son and I are spending days in the Louvre museum. A thing to be wholeheartedly recommended to anyone visually interested! There is so much material of the highest quality worthy of your closest attention, a person could spend a whole life in the Louvre and not tire or get bored about learning about art and life in this way. Every art object or picture there seems to be a cosmos in itself. One example is (inadequately) pictured below: van Eyck’s Chancellor Rolin’s Madonna. A friend gave me Anita Albus’ book “Die Kunst der Künste” (The art of the arts) that starts with a treatise on this picture. I couldn’t improve on Mrs. Albus, so let me just say I was struck standing in the presence of this work.

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Shoot Loose

February 1, 2009

Satanist Transportation

Satanist Transportation

There’s something to be said for shooting loose, not minding much about technicalities, point of view, composition or working with your subject. The view from the angle of your eye, glimpsed in passing, has a certain raw freshness, unpretentiousness.
This came back to me (more…)