Flickry Adressees

For years now, I’ve been showing my photos on a German photo sharing site (don’t know how how long that link will be up, see below). They contacted me recently when the yearly fees were due and they’d lost connection to my credit card. This got me thinking, as expenses are apt to do lately.
What is the purpose of posting photos on such a site for others and me?
Well obviously, that is a question about who you are adressing your photos to. The world at large doesn’t feverishly expect your next photographic masterpiece to be posted amongst 999 other masterpieces a minute. That hope soon evaporates. Soon you are content with the reactions of an inbred cadre of online friends that follow each others postings religiously. All photo sharing sites have systems in place to facilitate that group building. The carrot on the stick leading members on is the comment system. Negative comments are taboo and often result in retaliatory measures. Glowing comments get you more friends who respond in kind below your own photos. The language used in these comments is inflicted with the shorthand of the Usenet (pre-www.*, if you can remember that far back), smilies and misplaced apostrophe’s.
But I digress into a rant. What really decided me to not renew my subscription to this site is the simple realization (took me a few years) that I was showing my photos to the wrong adressees by posting them there. There’s nary a book publisher, galerist or curator trawling these sites looking for fresh and new material, I suspect. In fact, they are probably turned away by the amateurish, self-centered focus of the comment system. They get that enough in their established artists.
Then what use are photo sharing sites to photographers? They serve as a crackerbarrel, schoolyard, facilitate contact and enforce a common denominator. It’s not about your photos.
So I bid a good bye to photo sharing sites and try to get my act (and portfolio) together, haunting publishers, galeries and portfolio reviews.

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7 Responses to “Flickry Adressees”

  1. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    I agree, but not quite sure where to find the other that is as easy for the ones like myself that haven’t learned all this computer jazz yet.
    any hints?

  2. richo67 Says:

    chammann, full agree with you. It is a years I left also photo discussion boards. I have presentation on my own web, my own style and it is directed to concrete people. I have that address on business cards and in signature on my email. It is my showcase not anonymous scream to the dark


  3. chammann Says:


    There are a lot of opportunities in the big blue room, aka the real world. A lot of them are mentioned in this book. And then there are portfolio reviews, for example at Arles (which I am looking forward to). Finally, there’s using up that shoe leather and visiting galeries and publishers with your portfolio.


  4. richo67 Says:

    Christoph, your mentioned book is primary for US Market, is that correct? I have looked up the same book at .uk amazon (sorry I do not read German) and I have found comments mentioning that fact.

  5. chammann Says:

    True, richo67,

    Sorry for so unthoughtfully linking to the source I got it from. Being located in Germany. I still find it useful for publishers and galeries. Today, a presentation of your work doesn’t necessarily mean sending large prints overseas, a targeted web page is also a possibility.


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