People Camera

Parkours Du Chien

Parkours Du Chien

Here, as promised, are further impressions from the first few rolls of film done with the new-to-me Nikon S3 LEB. It is refreshingly uncomplicated to work with. No built-in exposure meter means you meter the light with an incident meter before you go into a scene and keep it at that, possibly eyeballing it for vanishing light, opening up the f-stop as you go. That’s taken care of, now we dispense with focusing. It is advantageous to do an estimated focus by turning the lens barrel to the approximate distance your subject will be in. Fine focusing is done with the middle finger on the wheel at the front of the camera, the index finger falls naturally on the shutter release, making that operation and image taking an instant and one-handed operation.
And oh, seeing the subject: just keep both eyes open, it’s a 1:1 viewfinder! You remain concious of your subject’s environs up to the limits of the field of view of your left eye.
Everything on the camera being mechanical, there is no perceptible shutter lag. Could I have captured my son vaulting over our dog’s leash otherwise?
In fact, the Nikon S3 LEB is so conductive to taking fast impressions of fleeting moments (aka snapshots) that I’ve declared it my people camera.

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